Python attacks and eats Rabbit - Dangerous Animals

Python attacks and eats Rabbit, Dangerous Animals. Young burmese Pythons feed mainly on rodents such as rats and mice. But pythons grow fast and so does increase the size of their prey. Adult pythons will feed on rabbit, large birds, raccoons and even feed on alligators on occasion. Burmese pythons live in Southeast Asia but have been introduced to the Everglades a few decades ago, where they have a permanent breeding population established today. I have to say this, what a dumb ass rabbit. The python went after it and missed, at that point you would have thought the rabbit would have dashed away and ran to safety. Does he do that no, he just stands there looking stupid inviting death. I seen another video where a gazelle was attacked by an Alligator but he dodged him, instead of running away to safety on land he turns back into a river of gators and tries to swim across it and got ripped to shreds. Some of these animals just amaze me with how dumb they can be, terrible instincts after all these years of evolution lol.