Man Bites Deadly Snake

A Fearless Snake Charmer Bites A Potentially Deadly Snake In A Complete Role Reversal A DARING snake charmer takes the ultimate risk - by biting and lifting with his mouth a deadly krait. The fearless Thai man plucked the highly venomous black and yellow snake from the floor using only his mouth. With his lips perched millimetres from the snakes sharp and lethal fangs, the man slowly lowers in and grabs the banded krait between his teeth. But the snake quickly wraps itself around his head in a show of defence - forcing the snake charmer to unravel it. The Thai man - performing in a show at Schlangenfarm and Snake Show in Pattaya, Thailand - even finds time to take a quick bow to the crowd. The fearless snake charmer also takes on - and kisses - a Cobra, much to the amazement of the crowd.