Crispy Pig Roast BBQ Street Food

In Indonesia, a pig roast is called babi guling, babi panggang or babi bakar; however it is rarely found in Indonesia, except in non-Muslim majority provinces, such as Hindu Bali and Christian Batak lands in North Sumatra, Minahasa people of North Sulawesi, Toraja in South Sulawesi, Papua, and also among Chinese Indonesians. In Bali, babi guling usually served with lawar and steamed rice; it is a popular dish in Balinese restaurants and warungs. In Batak people's tradition, babi guling is a prerequisite in wedding offerings for the bride's family. In Papua, pigs and yams are roasted in heated stones placed in a hole dug in the ground and covered with leaves; this cooking method is called bakar batu (burning the stone), and it is an important cultural and social event among Papuan people.