The tiger (Panthera tigris) is a carnivorous mammal of the felidae family, which inhabits the Asian continent. Among its subspecies is the largest of all wild cats in the world. They are extremely territorial and solitary animals. Classified as a Super Predator, the tiger is the third largest terrestrial carnivore, behind only the polar bear and the Kodiak Bear. It is the cat with the largest variation of size in the world among subspecies, with the Siberian tiger reaching up to 310 kg while the tiger-de-bali reached a maximum of 100 kg; Size comparable to suecuaranas and leopards. Some estimates suggest that there are fewer than 2,500 mature breeding individuals, with no subpopulation with more than 250 mature breeding individuals. The population was estimated at 100,000 individuals in the early twentieth century. In current times, however, only about 4,000 individuals survive, a drop of 97%. Tigers have already been found from Turkey to Siberia and from the island of Java to India. Nowadays they are restricted mainly to some regions of Southeast Asia, Siberia and India. Three of the subspecies are extinct: the Caspian tiger (found in certain regions of the former Soviet Union, Turkey, the Middle East, Afghanistan and Mongolia), java-tiger (found in Java) and tiger- Was found only in Bali). Tigress in captivity, film made around 1886 It is one of the most charismatic animals in the world, being a symbol of nature conservation and one of the most popular animals. It is the animal symbol of several Asian countries and mascot of various companies around the world.