Limb-itless: Pilot Born Without Arms Defies All Odds

Jessica Cox, 32-year-old is armless, but this has not stopped her from being a certified pilot. With her effort, she has proved that disability can only build barriers in your mind. However, if you have the courage, you can climb the tallest of mountains. To achieve certification, Jessica went to different states and got trained by numerous pilots for altogether 80 hours. And now, she is incredible behind wheels. Other than flying planes, she is an idol in other areas as well. She is the first black belt in the America Tae Kwon Do Association, who is armless. She was born with a precarious disease, which ensured that her arms never develop. She did take help from artificial limb in the beginning, but found out it was a better life using the natural limbs of her leg to take care of her regular activities.