It Looked Like All Hope Was Lost, But Wildlife Vets' Incredible Efforts Saved this Giraffe's Life

A female giraffe at Ol Jogi Limited went into labour. Unfortunately, she was unable to push out her calf completely during birth, and it died. Half of the calf's body was left hanging out of the giraffe for close to two days, posing a threat to the giraffe's life. Wildlife vets Dr Mutinda and Dr Rono's mission was to remove the dead calf and ensure that the giraffe survived. Sadly it is not known what stage of the birth the calf was in when it died, and it may never be known. This video shows the operation, a collaboration between the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, the Kenya Wildlife Service, Ol Jogi Limited and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The giraffe has been monitored daily by the Ol Jogi Team who have reported that she is recovering well.