9-Year-Old Boy Marries A 63-Year-Old Woman; Villagers Feel Violated

Peculiar things continue occurring on the planet and we are more often than not left stunned or bound of words as a result of them. This episode is significantly more than stunning. A youthful schoolboy Saneie Masilela wedded a 62-year-old lady named Helen. This episode occurred in the town Ximhungwe in Mpumalanga of South Africa. The kid turned into the most youthful prepare twice ever, as he remarried her. There had been a casual function a year ago also. The villagers have portrayed it as sickening. The official ceremony The boy remarried her because he wanted an official ceremony in front of the villagers, who, by the way, were disgusted. Parents agreed to it. As the boy told his parents the absurd wish, to my horror they agreed and even chipped £500 for the bride and £1000 for the ceremony. Even though people have been asking questions from them such as “Will the two of them sleep together or have babies?” The boy’s mother keeps telling them that everything has gone back to normal after the wedding. Her ex-husband was there. Both of them got married in front of Helen’s long term husband Alfred Shabangu, who doesn’t have any problem with his wife getting married to the boy.